Sativa Cannabis

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The sativa types of cannabis were originally grown in the Western world on an industrial scale for fiber, oil, and animal feed. They are characterized by tall growth with few, widely-spaced, branches and long, thin leaves. In contrast, varieties of the indica type originated in south Asia and are known historically as Indian hemp. They are characterized by shorter bushy plants and broader leaves, typically maturing relatively fast. 

The two groups tend to have a different smell, which likely reflects a different profile of terpenes. Most modern cannabis varieties available on the drug market are in fact a hybrid (cross-breed) of sativa and indica ancestors. 

Cannabis ruderalis is sometimes also recognized as a separate group. It is a smaller and “weedy” plant originally from Central Russia. 

Originating from old hemp fields, this type is now rarely cultivated for THC content or medicinal properties. Ruderalis plants have lost many of the traits they were originally selected for, and have adopted themselves to their environment.