Investing in Medical Marijuana in Australia

One of the most significant growth sectors in the 21st-century is undoubtedly the birth of the cannabis industry. Never before have we seen such a phenomenal transformation from how are product is considered and perceived. As little as a few decades ago, cannabis or marijuana was considered as a gateway drug. Nowadays marijuana is considered the panacea of the medical industry. And the reason for this is because of the discovery of the cannabinoids that are contained in cannabis. These cannabinoids respond with the human system to promote health and healing. Certainly, it is well known now, that marijuana and cannabis are excellent treatments for a number of conditions including pain and anxiety.

In terms of business, the industry is positioned to become a $500 billion industry and it’s easy to see why. This system that is within all humans and in fact, all animals responds proactively to cannabis and therefore it is well understood by science that the cannabinoids in cannabis will become very common in all formats of products for human consumption. Products which include cosmetics, beverages, foods, medicines, and of course the human consumption for recreational purposes.

Investment Opportunities in the cannabis industry in Australia and New Zealand

The cannabis industries is opening up internationally at a rapid pace with countries not only legalising medical cannabis but also reviewing their policies and legislation on medicinal cannabis and recreational cannabis. There is overwhelming support for the legalisation of marijuana and we are now seeing over 30 states in the United States that have legalised recreational cannabis. There are many reasons for this including a huge opportunities for governments to increases taxes from this emerging industry.

Further there are many studies that indicate that where cannabis is used as a medical solution, the abuse and use of prescription opioids has decreased significantly. This is very important because there is an international opioid addiction crisis and epidermic happening right now. Research indicates that between 25 million and 35 million people around the world currently suffer from one form of opioid addiction or another.

There’s been significant studies indicating where medical cannabis is made available the decrease in opioid addiction soon follows.